you only realise how bad the jokes on this site are until you actually say one out loud

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[On how she got her role on ‘Hugo’] “Basically, I got a call from my agency and they were like “Look, Martin Scorsese is making a movie,” […] they said “We’re only casting local brits because we want the real accent, we want the whole thing,” and I was like “Okay, well. You know, I’ll do a tape and I’ll audition for it.” So I wore a little wig, and I did everything in a british accent, and he loved it. So he flew me and Asa Butterfield— the kid who played Hugo— to New York to do an audition for him, in front of him. So I flew out there, keeping up the act that I was british […] And then as I was leaving — luckily, he was amused  I said in my regular voice, “Bye Marty!” and he was like, “Wait. What? Where’d your accent go?” And I was like…” 



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Mi teoría es que cuando la Bruja Escarlata dijo lo de “No more mutants” creó un universo paralelo en el que no existen los mutantes con poderes. Magneto y Charles se reencarnaron en Ian McKellen y Patrcik Stewart, predestinados a interpretar a sus Alter Ego mutantes, y han tenido la oportunidad de volver a empezar como amigos.

En mi cabeza es canónico.

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"Tumblr and 4chan have the potential to form the ultimate symbiotic relationship. 4chan lives on attention and making people cry. Tumblr lives on attention and crying. They could feed each other for a thousand years."

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”free wifi”


”please ask a member of staff for details”


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The new TMNT movie looks weird

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